Why Join a JCY Chapter?

Community Improvement – This is what the youth can do for the community, as in their school community and the community as a whole. Members must know that together they can have an impact on their community, and that one goal of a Junior Chamber Youth chapter is community development and active citizenship.

Individual Growth – A Junior Chamber Youth member can expand and improve their self-confidence and leadership skills in order to succeed in life. They can learn about the various opportunities in Individual Development courses designed to further self-growth.

Group Involvement – By belonging to a group like the Junior Chamber, it can give youth togetherness with other youth. The youth are looking for a way to have involvement and belong. This also gives him/her a way to experience the Jaycee movement in hopes of being a Junior Chamber (Jaycee) member in the future.

Who are the Junior Jaycees?

The Junior Jaycee's program, under JCI USA, is a program aimed toward today’s youth. It is an extension of the mission, goals and objectives of JCI for our youth to gain leadership skills within the community through civic engagement projects, interacting with others and leading activities during regular meetings.

JCY (Junior Chamber Youth) Chapters are for youth between the ages of 7 and 17 and is modeled after the JCI organization. JCY Chapters show youth what the Jaycee movement is all about. To insure that we have great leaders in the future, we must help guide and cultivate our youth today. A JCY chapter is intended to teach our youth the necessary leadership, community involvement, and self-confidence that every young person needs to succeed in our world today and become an active citizen.